The moment that Yoggi Doggi and Samini have been waiting for finally came to pass when the two Dancehall gurus grabbed the mic and performed with a live band in the U.S. It was a memorable moment since it was the first time both artists are sharing the same stage at the same time.

The two have had their fair share of ruling the dancehall scene during their reign after “The General” or preferably the real Dancehall King, Sonni Balli who coached most dancehall act left the country.

Yoggi Doggi in the late 90’s got missing in action and left for the United States, living Samini then Batman to take over with the banger, “Linda”

‘Beefs’, dissing and battles in music have existed since the day rap music was invented and no wonder we are experiencing it here in Ghana.

This battle between Samini and Yoggi Doggi, is what Sarkodie  was referring to when he said “Bisa dia Yoggi Doggi diy3 Samini” (Ask Sonni Balli what Yoggi Doggi did to Samini) in his first verse on the hit song “Bogga Bogga”.

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Samini vs Yoggi Doggi