For too long orphans have been smeared with disheartening creams of failure and tagged as nonentities from family and friends and its high time they reason to see themselves as equal and normal as any individual is. This is a wakeup call by Stacy Amewoyi to her fellow orphans who are wallowing in the mud of awful words spewed on them as they move about their daily routines to be alive. Having been an orphan, she understands the maltreatment her folks go through and speaks from her heart to theirs, urging them, never to make the perceptions or foul words said on their lives from close relations and friends ever perturb them in their walk in life.Speaking in trembling tones Stacy lamented that “Orphans are not cursed, neither do we carry any virus; therefore, if any parts of your body functions properly then you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is something you are made of, nothing useless was created by God thus the good book says. You are skillful, and unique so I urge you to search within you, and don’t settle for less. Don’t hide behind worthless excuses of nobody wanting to help you to sit on the fence. There are great and good people like you who never settled for less but have made it. Let this motivate you, as you embark on your life’s journey.” She indicated that, orphans are a golden unicorn; a golden steel of strength which is unbelievable. Therefore, wherever they find themselves they should try their best to do what is right as they look at the finish line. According to her, it’s never necessary to take advantage of the surroundings or lost parents, tribe or color to believe certain things aren’t theirs, being it education or offices as an orphan could even become a president. “Look at me and start your fight as I empower you to move behind your dark veil and come into the light with strength and vigor. There are places you have settled which you know within you, you can do better than that or gain better than that, just move to become the better person you think you can be without fear. It is possible, we are equal with them, we can get to the top also, don’t lose focus. This world will not be better without us therefore we are unstoppable.” Stacy advised. She continued that, there is more to life than the entitlement given them and that till they give up on themselves, no circumstance can be an obstacle to what they can do. She stated that, orphans should be their own fans as they believe in themselves to break all protocols and do exactly what the naysayers said they couldn’t do. Adding on, she quizzed, “why roam in search of answers to your woes, when you can actually sit up to make something on your own? Why are you in despair, in pain and in tears? Someone has been through worse than what you are lamenting but no amount of tears has ever changed any situation till a step was taken. We can’t enter 2020 with attitudes like this. Arise and work with determination and truth together with obedience and humility at what you can do and through prayers, you can make it.” Stacy revealed that, some families are not even aware the orphans they gave up for adoption had died at the hands of their guardians. Most orphans who are left in care of some guardians die as a result of hunger, rape or domestic violence, but their whereabouts are never found because the family wash their hands off them immediately they set out to be with others. Many are unstable mentally because no one is willing to listen to their woes or side of story when they are accused of one. Therefore, they have absconded to being quite to every beating given them whether they are right or wrong which has left many dumb or emotionally malfunctioning. In concluding, she admonished her folks saying “to those of you who have been privileged to have received favor from people to be seen through school and catered for, I ask that you be respectful and humble in your homes and stop being a nuisance. Due to your lies and stubbornness others are being denied same privileges. Its high time a change is made because its comes but once in the life of an orphan to be able to land himself in a good home. Remain humble, get the education and one day make it on your own. Service with humility, loyalty gratitude and respect, goes a long way in paving a great future for yourself.”