J Sunset
J Sunset 

In recent times, Hi-life Music has taken the center stage in our Ghanaian music industry. For the first quarter we have enjoyed a lot of good hi- life music from our artistes.


Talk of names likes R2Bees, Kelvynboy, Camidoh just to mention a few whose recent hit songs have been great hi life music.

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These songs Eboso, DownFlat and Sugarcane have set the tone right for Hi-life music in 2022 encouraging young acts like J.Sunset.


  1. Sunset who is signed to Figures entertainment spoke about his love for Hi-life music showering praises on all hi life artistes.



In talking about why he loves Hi -life music that much, J. Sunset, who also doubles as a TV host at ONEPLAY Africa noted that Hi life is in our DNA as Ghanaians.


“What is there not to love about hi-life? The truth is Every Ghanaian has Hi-life element in him/ her, from the way we sing our church songs to our Jama songs and every day lullaby” – J.Sunset commented.


The budding singer, J. Sunset, who is quite new in the music space added that he grew up on hi life music and it has been the base for all his songs.


“As an artiste I really appreciate other talents who keep to their roots and identity- I know the world is jamming to Afrobeats now but we can equally make the world love our Ghanaian identity; genre- Hi life.” – J. Sunset opined.


We are in a season where sound is transforming and so should ours, but in transforming our hi-life we can keep the basic elements of it to preserve our roots – J. Sunset stressed.


  1. Sunset gave massive shouts to his fellow artists who are currently banging hi-life jams and all DJs keeping it on rotation.


J.Sunset teased that he will also drop a Hi-life song soon and told his fans both from his TV show and music to keep their ears to their favorite platforms for all the details.


Hi-life music is the way to go if we want to maintain our leadership in African music as a Ghanaian artists.