Willi Roy
Willi Roy

There is this proverb in Akan about ungratefulness that says “when someone leads you to life you do not lead him to death”.

The first time I met Kwasi Wilson aka Dj Willi Roy was @ Musiga and it was at the time when the CMO in Ghana was in Crises.

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The Copyright Law Act 690 had been activated and and the L.I 1962 was about to be worked so the then CMO, COSGA was going to be defunct and therefore needed a legal replacement.

The then President of Musiga Mrs Diana Hopson and the former President Alhaji Sidiku Buari including Willi Roy who was working at Musiga wanted to use their association to form a CMO called MCosga which was illegal.

We had then form a pressure group called AMRO lead by Carlos Sakyi, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, Gyedu Blay, Mark Okraku and the rest which had exposed all the illegalities in the MCosga that Daina, Sidiku and Willi Roi wanted to use Musiga to form.

We were therefore called to a meeting at the Registrar General office in Accra and on that faithful day Alhaji Sidiku and the quite Rastaman Kojo Antwi nearly traded physical blows so you can imagine.

A subsequent meeting was arranged again by the then Attorney General Honurable Joe Gartey and this time the venue was at Musiga office.

Due to the incident between Kojo and Sidiku a high powered delegation headed by Carlos Sakyi including me and some other executives from our end were to attend that meeting.

I remember vividly when we got there we met an angry faced fat man sitting behind his computer who was introduced to us as Willi Roy, we all exchanged pleasantries and headed to their conference room.

The meeting started peacefully until he Willi D’fucking Roy arrogantly disrupted it because he felt he was more musician than anybody else and thought Musiga had the upper hand so we could go to hell.

The meeting ended abruptly and we left and soldiered on with our fight.

We continued with the fight every Wednesday at Abrantee spot till finally we won and their MCosga was thrown into the dust bin and Ghamro was formed lead by the Carlos Sakyi.

I never heard of Willi D’fucking Roy again till I was briefed of a musiga elections in which he contested against Obour and lost brutally infact he had 2 vote as compared to Obours 66 and 51 for Nana Tufuor.

He vanished again untill I was listening to radio one day when Sammy Baah introduced him as a panel member on Pluzz fm entertainment show.

He used to complain of fuel for his car everyday till he stopped then we knew he had being sorted.

Gradually he started getting more Karaoke gigs at Vienna, Lacopa, Le Marie and the rest all because of the miliege he was getting on Sammy Flex radio Program.

As he started gaining some wings he turn his guns on his own people Musiga and used the airtime allocated to him to insult them everyday till Musiga found him a job at Nafti which was paying him allowances to the tune of Ghc 2000 then he kept mute again.

Fortunately or unfortunately Sammy had to go off Pluzz fm but Willi was fortunate to still have his Karaoke and Nafti engagements he had acquired through Sammyflex whiles Sammy had to stay at home running his flex newspaper and thinking of his next move.

Willi still looking for his relevance contacted Dr Cann of Happy fm who readily put him back on air.

Fortunately Sammy appeared again and this time around with Zylofon and he came back for Willi Roy his old man.

Now Willi D’fuckin Roy has been given ZyloCash, an iphone and a brand new car and all of a sudden he feels like he is the president of the world even though in his wildest dreams.

Now as old as he is he has adopted a strategy of insulting everybody in the industry including the Elders and also those who fed him when he was hungry and had no where to sleep.

For no reason he is calling those who feed him fraudsters and nobody including his new employers are stopping him and it makes one wonder if they are behind this agenda to destroy the MUSIGA brand and probably build theirs like the typical Ghanaian destroying others to build theirs.

For 30 years he has been part of what he is today calling a rot in fact he is still being paid by those he is calling fraudsters even though he does not pay his dues and the constitution of Musiga says that if you don’t pay your dues for a certain period of time you cease to be a member.

His behaviour makes you wonder whether he has ever made money in his life before even though he prides himself with the only Hit in his life “be aglow for JESUS” and uncountable productions which some are even being disputed by some of the artist and accolades like Patented musicologist and so on and so forth.

Fact is Musiga is an association and you can exit if you think they are not doing enough for you, they can also sack you if you misconduct yourself or disgrace the association, lastly you can also form your own association if you want since the constitution allows freedom of association, therefore you can only wonder if all he Willi Roy is doing is born out of bitterness, malice, personal vendetta or the money shown to him at Zylofon.

When the black sheep thinks he is using his ass to dirty the white walls he only realizes the bruises on his ass after his actions.

I will end this piece with a Bible Verse from
Jeremiah 17:5
“Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.