International Women’s Day 2019 is here and Wiyaala is out with “She’s A Woman” a brand new video celebrating her African sisters. The internationally renowned Ghanaian singer who lives in Funsi, the Upper West village where she grew up, recruited an army of local women to star in a vibrant and celebratory music video.

“The song is intended to commend the lives of everyday African women”, Wiyaala said, “I want the world to see we are as capable, strong, energetic and as joyous as our sisters around the world. We are also part of the conversation that aspires to peace, equality and the opportunity to live in a stable world where all women get a fair chance in life”

“She’s A Woman” was directed by Wiyaala and produced by Djimba World Productions at Funsi in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The song, written and composed by Wiyaala and Melissa Van Der Spuy, was recorded and produced by Jurgen Von Wechmar at Sunset Recording Studios in South Africa and will be released under the Djimba World label later this month.

Wiyaala, often referred to as the “Lioness of Africa”, has in recent years emerged as a leading personality on the African continent in music, women and children’s rights. In 2018, Wiyaala was included in BBC News list of celebrated African women alongside Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American to be elected into the US Congress and Ethiopia’s first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde.