Wiyaala - feeling
Wiyaala – feeling

One might almost think of Wiyaala as a one woman music industry. We already know she writes and composes most of her songs, organizes her own shows and holds an annual festival in her hometown.

But, it doesn’t end there. Wiyaala also designs and sews her stage costumes, works directly with social responsibility agencies and has hosted her own radio show. Now, the lioness is producing and directing her music videos under her label, Djimba World Records.

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The video for “Feeling Free”, a song from her new “Sissala Goddess” album, is a moody piece set on a faraway desert island. It’s a pastiche of black and white scenes interlaced with abrupt color splashes portraying the regret and relief of a recently ended relationship.

There are majestic panoramic shots juxtaposed with detailed macro shots as light, shade, composition and form are all employed to shape the interchanging narrative. The acting and body language are superb, especially in the extreme close up shots, which entice the viewer into the protagonists emotionally conflicted state of mind.

VERDICT: If you are fan of music videos and have a taste for something different, “Feeling Free” could be for you. With its sumptuous music production, Wiyaala’s uniquely rich vocal tone and captivating imagery, you might imagine you are also marooned on a desert island alongside the lioness of Africa! What a delicious thought!