Multi talented musician, Nautica has stated publicly he wont take less than 5,000 dollars (20,000 cedis) for performance.

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In his recent interview, the singer believes that tho, he is up and coming, his future in the music industry is bright and that, he wont settle less for any charge.

Despite the fact that im yet to hit the limelight, i wont take less than 5000 dollars for performance anywhere because i see myself among the few Ghanaian musicians rocking top international stages few months to come. I will either perform for free, out of love, based on relationship or above 5000 dollars… Nautica stated.

Asked if he thinks any event organizer will book him for a show with this charge, Nautica said…

Yes, when they need me they will pay any amount i ask them to. I have performed out of love for some major shows which i cant disclose names, however, for others, i will charge and if they think my price is high, they can call me when fully prepared. Nautica added..