Nana Ampadu And Nana Tito
Nana Ampadu And Nana Tito

“A chick that will grow into a cock can be spotted the very day it is hatched”. This adage has affirmed the success journey of young legend, Nana Tito in the hi-life genre.

As many artists keep falling and fading out of the system, Nana Tito keeps climbing the success lather with top-notched collaborations. His uniqueness in talent has pelted him to highly profiled musicians in and around Ghana, producing smash hits like ‘carry Me Go’, ‘Adoma’ Enfa Yen Ho’ ‘Somebody Needs You’ amongst others by way of collaborations.

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After being signed unto Skyroon Entertainment, a label that has a blueprint and strategies on how to curate the best out of talent, the young hi-life legend has gained international grounds with his hard work making him a force to reckon with in the African music space. When the news broke that the hi-life Legend, Nana Kwame Ampadu has endorsed him as the one to hold the mantra for the hi-life genre henceforth, it came as no surprise to smilecelebs.

Sealing the endorsement, the legendary Nana Kwame Ampadu by way of feature added his voice to Tito’s latest banger, ‘ODO’.

Considering all sectors of the hi-life genre, smilecelebs can confidently say that ‘Odo’ has got all the wow factors not forgetting the calibre of people on the song.

ODO, as records has it would be one of the best hi-life tunes from a Ghanaian indigene. It has all the elements of good music and with a message that preaches love, one can expect nothing but the best from this duo.

Nana Ampadu after noticing the talent in Nana Tito couldn’t hold back but to give him his blessing. He (Nana Ampadu) said Nana Tito is the new phase of the hi-life genre with all the confidence he garnered.