After a three year long close study of KynCity’s brand and craft progress flow, Zack (the CEO of Zack Entertainment) finally considers KynCity as a commercial fit and signs him to his label.

Zack and Kyn’s relationship took a casual start but it gradually transitioned into business over time when Zack realised Kyn would be a good investment and their conversations got lit with showbiz talks.

During their pre-contract period, Zack saw KynCity through a couple of introductory singles that just two days after the official signing the label shot a video for one which would be released real soon as KynCity’s maiden single under Zack Entertainment.

KynCity is a multi-genre artiste. He’s a fine singer with a growing repertoire of music themes that spans love life tales, positive social vibes, general life events and some random stuffs he finds pleasing to the ear.

Coming off a seasoned musical career pedigree with a professional recording start in 2001, but not as a weak just-come artiste, KynCity has developed a mature craft poise that equals him to many top established artistes. This class remark, a reference to his witty lyricism,  classic delivery skills and overall market-ready songs that fit the current trend.

Checks done down KynCity’s work history revealed that he has worked with EL, Castro, Guru, D Crime, KK Fosu, Ayesem and Singlet.

Zack Entertainment has hinted that KynCity’s soon-to-be-released single was coworked by TheBoss PI and King Dee.

The contract between KynCity and Zack Entertainment was signed in the label’s lawyer’s office in Sprintex (Accra) in August, 2019.