Rapper, Zed Ay Kay is carving a niche for himself in the competitive Ghanaian music scene. Mitsi, translates from Fante as I Hear is an affirmation to a lover who might need reassurance that they still have their partner’s ear and unwavering love.


M3NSA is featured in the song and serves as a songwriter and producer, once again showcasing how his contribution to a project sets it in a very special space in the current music scene. Mitsi resonates with a heartfelt yearning, yet its beat, marked by an insistent and warmly danceable rhythm, captures a paradoxical mix of resignation and hope.

Mitsi is a pure love song, which is not easy to find in our space, especially because it is performed by two male artists who expose honesty and vulnerability. The song addresses intense emotions but maintains a modest and breezy tone. It resembles more of a playful crush anthem rather than a profound declaration of eternal love. This may be the key to its appeal.


Not every love song needs to be a dramatic, shouted proclamation; simplicity has its own charm. Stream or download Mitsi across all major digital platforms here:https://songwhip.com/zed-ay-kay/mitsi

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