Right from its budding stage, ZYLOFON Media has chalked up series of successes with regards to last year’s Movie Awards, celebrities’ ambassadorial and philanthropic projects with Becca and the most recent, the signing of Kofi Guitar with more in the pipeline.


It has indeed shown its credibility and seeks to achieve more.

In the face of their goals, ZYLOFON Media is calling on all content developers to make their works available for purchase (exclusively).

Contents ranging from television shows, drama series, comedy shows, football, dance shows, reality TV shows, sitcoms, events, talk shows, movies, documentaries, and many others will be welcomed.


Call: 0302508823/0303976123  for more information or send an email to: zylofonmedia@gmail.com if you are in possession of the afformentioned categories of contents.


ZYLOFON Media with this initiative, seeks to appreciate the work of developers; by exchanging value for their works. ZYLOFON Media sees the entertainment and creative arts industry as the new phase of entrepreneurship in Ghana and beyond hence aspires to invest its resources into this growing industry. Quality comes with a price; therefore, good contents merits, a greater value.


ZYLOFON Media is committed to a holistic production of ideal creative arts works that are domestically edible and seeks to transcend into the global arena. It firmly dwells on its philosophy, that, quality edible art works can be produced without lowering societal moral standards in a quest for commercial appeal.

They plan to produce indigenous artists and art works that would fit universal standards. These would cover a broad spectrum of the Creative Arts industry; poetry and spoken-words inclusive.

With regards to music; it would span from Hi & Hip life, Jazz, Contemporary Christian music, dancehall, Reggae, Rock and so on, whereas the movie productions would mirror every aspect of global socio-cultural, economic and political phases, worthy of their lenses to be subject to the company’s editorial policy in a bid to inform, educate and entertain.

The company already has established ties with various artists in the industry, and plans to search for new artists to market and produce. ZYLOFON Media seek to capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of global high quality entertainment.


ZYLOFON Media… Creative Arts made in Ghana!!!