Music to us is therapy and it’s a fact that music influences us in diverse ways. Discovering new music to set your mood right has been challenging for many, and this is why we’ve decided to share with you some of the sweetest songs by some budding artists from Ghana. 

The spotlight has been on the A-List artists for a while and we think it’s time to throw some on some of the artists we deem fair or appropriate. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s introduce you to the new voices in the Ghanaian music space.

Goodsin – Olive The Boy: This young man started his career with the right song and content. If you are a TikTok fan, you’ve probably seen numerous dance routines with this heartwarming song. The young star wrote the song and it’s produced by Beatz Vampire (The same producer for most of the hit songs in Ghana including some songs by Nigeria’s P-Square) 

The young music star sang so beautifully and delivered every word with heart-touching passion. Just for the record, he’s a Ghanaian and not a Nigerian as many claimed or assumed. This is a song you need in your playlist and you’d be glad you did. Set the right mood with this masterpiece. The song is released under Loop Music.

Frazz – Keeny Ice Feat. Chief One: The Amapiano genre has influenced the Ghanaian music scene for a while now and we can say the people of Ghana love it! We’ve heard numerous records in Ghana which are influenced by the Amapiano flavour, and this is how Keeny Ice gets into the narrative. 

One outstanding element in this song is the language it’s sung in. They (Keeny Ice and Chief One) made the song in the Ewe language and we think it’s a whole new vibe! If you are not familiar with the Ewe language, rest assured the rhythm will get you moving!

Another interesting element in the song is the inclusion of rap lyrics. This changed everything and it gave the Amapiano genre a little twist to the usual we hear from the South Africans. If you need something new for the ears with the same sound you love, this is the song. Produced by VGMA award-winning producer; Two Bars and released under ABM Global.

Shawty – Chief One: I’m sure this name rings a bell in the ears of many music lovers. This young artist has that stage command and has lots of confidence in his style of music. He has a great catalog of music and his list of releases is looking impressive. 

If you loved songs like “Wotelewoea”, “Toyota”, and “Du Agbe” you’ll love this infectious record as well. He has graced many stages across the country and things look promising for him. You need him on your playlist for some new tastes. The song “Shawty” is released under Lawada Republic.

Ataya Anthem – Leo Lyrix Ft. Jessy DeGreat, Chris K, Quame Rhymz, Ohene: This list won’t look complete if we don’t throw some drill songs at you. We have the feeling Ghanaians are a bit sceptical about this whole Drill genre; but on the brighter side, the Recording Academy sees it fit to include it in the awards category. That is a good look and I think songs like “Ataya Anthem” makes it more promising.

We chose this song and recommend it to you because it features some promising and fast-rising artists in Ghana. Top-notch delivery, authentic lyrics, and mind-blowing output. Each artist came in strong and delivered with their unique styles. If you love Ghanaian Drill music, you should put this on your playlist. We’ll also urge you to throw a little support behind Ghanaian Drill music.

Azui – Jessy DeGreat: While we are at it, let me throw another drill song at you. He goes by the name Jessy DeGreat (Also featured on Ataya Anthem). If you paid attention to all the songs we recommended in this article, you’d realize they all have something special attached to them. 

This Drill song is mostly in the Ewe Language as well. Challe, this one hits differently! Come to think of it, we don’t hear much from the Voltarians. I think it’s about time we dig into other regions and dig out all the sweet songs. 

We love the song and we hope you do too. If you have some recommendations, share them in the comment box and tag us on our socials for us to listen as well. Who knows? They might make it to the next article!