Yhaw Hero
Yhaw Hero

Budding Ghanaian artist Yhaw Hero details his journey on a new single titled Bra Fie.

Bra Fie is an akan phrase that means Come Home. The song tells a story of the dreams and aspirations of Yhaw Hero, who only wants to return home after gaining success.

To pursue his music career, the ‘19 Years’ singer has had to relocate from home, as he aims to have a successful music career and is working very hard to make his dream a reality.

Yhaw Hero talks about his Mom, who wants to see her son but can’t because he is on a journey. He cannot go home without attaining his goals first, and he asks his family to listen to the song anytime they miss him while assuring them he will be back home soon.

Blessed with a pen game that tells the story of the youth, Bra Fie is a single that resonates with young people currently charting their paths, especially on the streets.

Despite not having a solid footing in life, Yhaw Hero recently announced his desire to foot the school fees bill of a student to ease the stress and burden they may face.

Blackberry Beats has production credits on the song alongside Mix Masta Garzy, who mixed and mastered the record.

Listen to Yhaw Hero – Bra Fie: https://azuri.lnk.to/BraFie


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