Whenever Akan makes an announcement, we are guaranteed of a breath-taking moment as anything he has touched over the years has been nothing but a master piece and Ma Jaacki is another one. Following a snippet of a studio session with the rapper dropping bars on a crazy trap beat that took the social media by storm, the full track is finally here and Akan has made his intention clear, he is heading to the Grammys and not switching lanes anytime soon. He takes to the street with his colleagues to make this PSA in a fun black and white themed video that will keep you smiling to the end. He stands firm on his intention of staying true to his path and not back-sliding as the kids are looking up to him. Just as the sound, gritty and grungy, the video is something to see over again as you watch him raps his heart out with much passion.
Akan has geanered for himself a great reputation and respect and is gradually rising to the top as the new rap messiah.