Akan juices up the success of his debut album Onipa Akoma, with a new video for Me Sika Aduro coupling as the second installment of videos for the much talked about album.
Me Sika Aduro which has quickly emerged as one of the favorites on the album, has gradually become the go tool for a day start due to its words of drive towards making some fortune as life goes by.
The video is powerful, whilst the lyrics may ignite a rush for doing all it takes to get money, the images will enlighten you on the consequence underlying the position of having money.
The video builds on a transition of seeking money, the beauty and power it comes with, the danger of being mislead and a dooming pathway that is promsed with it.
In the video the rapper is pictured under a ritual for financial freedom, to driping in lust and luxury. The video then cuts to a skit on Abusua Tintin on the album which emphasizes on the misconception about money that runs through society and the danger of getting misled and consumed in it. It then reveals the rapper dazzling in his vice and demons which eventually leads to his doom.
The video directed by Yaw Skyface is a big one for Akan and its set to get the numbers counting up again for Onipa Akoma.
Watch Me Sika Aduro Video Here: https://youtu.be/p5cyuHgiuE8