Asem & Samini - Runnin Away

Dancehall King, Samini and Hip Hop lyrical warlock alias trouble maker, Asem have disclosed their decision to collaborate on an album
project titled ‘CLOSE FRIENDS’ on Monday, January 7, 2013 via social media network, twitter.
The two renowned musicians who have never worked before said this project was intuited out of admiration and respect for each other’s
craft for years in the industry and thinks this is the moment their paths have crossed in the music realm to do a song together on the trouble maker’s upcoming third album.

Though this is their first work together, the synergy and inspiration in the studio was so high that they thought it wise to take advantage
of their creative chemistry and work on a joint album instead of just doing one song as granted to other artistes who have worked with both artistes.
The Project titled ‘CLOSE FRIENDS’, will involve the release of singles on the album  which starts with the release of ‘Running Away’ on Friday, January 11, 2013 and after every 2 or 3 months subsequent singles will be released till close to end of Year when the songs will be compiledor an Album.

WBDN RECORDS/SAMINI MUSIC promises astounding lyrical content and artistry on this album, meanwhile, both artists are currently in the
studio working on their solo Albums also to scheduled to be released this year.

When asked whether the work load wouldn’t be too much on them, both artistes agreed it will be tough but they are very well inspired by
the challenge, the skill and diverse song writing abilities they possess to overcome every obstacle. The irony and beauty of this merger is that both artistes are brand ambassadors of competitive rival Telecom Companies, MTN and GLO respectively but unlike the companies, they have chosen to individually represent themselves as Asem and Samini who have joined forces to make good music for the unity of their numerous fans.