Klu - Lotto Kiosk Interlude (Produced By UnkleBeat)
Klu – Lotto Kiosk Interlude (Produced By UnkleBeat)

1st things 1st don’t cross that line

Number 1 the girls say am that guy,

I got that thing we dey catch dema eye

Where’s my net am the mermaid guy

I dreams of swimming in millions

Boi i got game like Brazilians

I no dey play around children

On the road to wealth am a pilgrim

The ace of rap bring your problem i can deal with that

Hold your queen am king like dat

Last year alone i made 4digits flat

Ofa hard work the grind don’t stop bring ur millet

Rip 2 the beat print a t-shirt

I myt call efya we’ll sing a duet.

Boi i spill that kill boi rap roulette

Put a cool g on we’ll see who’s the best

Adentaboi tell my you vex

I walk that talk i can show you in text

Rap heavy weight i dey stress my Unkle

Adentaboi on ds beat s/o unkle

Cold flow watch me pop like can coke

You’re a  short funny guys Santo

I no dey pay you mind

The things dey dey talk  i no dey hear dey dey mime

Tryna ink my name in the prints off time so when am gone dey kai my grind,

Too bless to be vex at the same damn time.

Stay connected no loops like a vine

In time we’ll feast of this like wine God forgive us & protect our shine

All i want is mine adenta its our time from station the flats to the down its going down, japan motors commandos klu baby unkle yu crazy 4 ds 1 yeah boi!


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