Beautiful Ghanaian Experience
Beautiful Ghanaian Experience

In an effort to improve the current customer service situation in the country, Eltor Consult; a distinct value-adding consultancy that works with individuals and firms to achieve their desired potential; has launched a six-week campaign dubbed ‘The Beautiful Ghanaian Experience Campaign’.

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The campaign will end in a summit dubbed ‘Ghana Customer Experience Summit’ slated for October 6, 2017, at the British Council.


The Summit will seek to address key issues relating to ways to improve the poor customer experience culture in Ghana as well provide a strategic pathway to solving the problems faced by government and businesses such as the setting up of the Customer Service Bureau and implementation of laws that protect the customer.


The one-day brainstorming event will bring together captains of the industry and players in the customer service sector; including the hospitality industry, financial institutions, students and academics from public universities.


The Beautiful Ghanaian Experience Campaign has been designed to set the tone for the Ghana Customer Experience Summit 2017.


Patrons of this Summit would receive tips to innovate their brand and transform their business. They would also be granted the opportunity to network with experienced industry professionals and should register at