Becca - Jesus |
Becca – Jesus |

World Music diva, Becca, may have diverted to singing gospel music. A leaked song, “Jesus” believed to be from her upcoming album gives rise to that thought. The EKB-produced song has Becca singing about Jesus Christ overtly, praising him with adjectives like “my doctor, my teacher, my lawyer”.

The “daa ke daa” hitmaker has been quiet musically with little media presence for almost a year. Her absence has got fans and critics asking what will become of her career. Whether she is still actively involved in music and what direction her music is taking. The leaked gospel song seems to have answered those concerns.

During her Girl Talk concert last December, Becca performed with international gospel star, Sonny Badu while reminiscing her Sunday School days as a child. She spoke so passionately as if to say, “Girl, I miss those days, I want to go back to singing gospel.”



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