Sensational pop singer Dencia will be touching down in Ghana this month, after several months of planning to visit Ghana.

The award-winning singer is well known for her beauty and singing prowess around the world.

She has recorded a banging hot song with Ghana’s BET Award winner Sarkodie and she will be in town for the song’s release ahead of the Christmas festivities.

Current videos of her hit singles; ‘Beri Beri’ and ‘Supergirl’ are getting massive attention, with a lot of rotations on world acclaimed platforms including MTV.

The California based recording artiste, Dencia was born to Cameroonian/Nigerian parents on March 26. She started indulging in her love for music and performing arts at the tender age of five.  Her African roots play a major role in her style of music. In her early years, she sang with her local church groups and schools but later went off the scene.

Determined and certain music was her passion, she stayed close to her love- music- by engaging herself in other fields in the entertainment industry like modeling, fashion, acting, and hosting music events.

She has featured in several music videos such as 50cent’s ‘Down On Me’, Chris Brown’s ‘Yeah 3’, as well as videos of artistes like Ludacris, Baby Bash and Lady Gaga.

While doing this, she never stopped trying to reconnect with her music skills for the professional world.

In September 2008, Dencia took the ultimate decision to finally pursue her lifelong dream of being a musical sensation. Since then, she has recorded several songs, some of which include her first official hit single ‘Beri Beri’.

She has performed on big stages worldwide and graced some of the hottest red carpets such as the Grammy awards, Emmy’s, Oscars, BET, VMAs etc. Recently, she performed at the pre BET award event in Los Angeles, hosted The Game’s mix tape release party and has hosted parties worldwide.

Described as a fast rising singer, Dencia, who came into the limelight with her hit single ‘Beri Beri’, has officially dropped her second single titled ‘Supergirl’.
Supergirl, a charismatic pop love song, has Dencia showing a softer side of her where she defines herself as a diva who is simply looking for a man who will treat her right.

‘Beri Beri’ rocked airwaves upon its release and is still hot till date and from the sound of ‘Supergirl’, Dencia is improving in her talent and also showing that she won’t be stopping anytime soon.