Accra, December 3, 2012 – Season two of hit television series Fashion 101 is set to premiere on Africa Magic Entertainment Channel 151 on DSTV this month.

Set to air at 5:30pm on Friday, December 7, the all new Fashion 101 is tipped to wow viewers across Africa, the show’s producers have promised.

Full of exciting episodes, featuring some of Africa’s most adorable socialites and celebrities, Fashion 101 will take viewers on a roller coaster ride of fashion, glamour, and style.

The show’s producers have also announced that each episode will run for an hour, making way for exciting additions.

“Africa Magic Entertainment is very proud to be airing Fashion 101. This year has been the channel’s first year on the DSTV platform as a dedicated entertainment channel made in Africa, for Africans by Africans, the very first of its kind,” says Anne Sackey, MultiChoice Ghana.

“As such it is no surprise that we chose to air Season II of Fashion 101. In its quest to merge fashion information and entertainment, Fashion 101 helps to define the trendiness of the African superstar, while it informs on how to celebrate home grown talent”.

While maintaining its central theme of fashion, Season II comes with an entirely new twist and add-ons, as host Sandra Ankobiah gets busier, chit-chatting with celebrities, finding out who and what they were to events, their sense of fashion and general issues bordering on their sense of fashion, lives and career.

“Season II of Fashion 101 is not just about who was wearing what to a red carpet event. During Season I and indeed afterwards, I discovered that as Africans, we are embracing fashion more as an expression of how proud we are of our cultural heritage,” Says, Sandra Ankobiah, host and Executive Producer of Fashion 101.

“Nonetheless, we still have a lot to discover about global fashion trends, which can only help us position ourselves in a more competitive manner. That’s why I always have a panel of powerhouses from industries related to Fashion who point out those intricate fashion details we tend to overlook as a people.

“Our celebrities are challenging themselves with trends and styles that make them stand out. This is very normal since majority of them such as actors and musicians are now being recognized even outside the shores of Africa.

“So on my show, they get a chance to describe what makes them comfortable and spill some of their fashion secrets”.

Season II will also see the return of resident panel member Chester Ani, who together with other regular panel members including Aya Morrison and Samdi Owusu, make every episode worth watching.

After the Africa Magic Premiere, Season Two of Fashion 101 would make its local television debut on GHOne on December 16, at 3:30pm, the producers have said.

“GHOne is proud of Sandra Ankobiah’s efforts to bring the African glamour to the fore. We sincerely encourage her as a young African woman, to claim what indeed makes her proud to be African,” says Iyiola Ayoade, CEO of GHOne.

“Fashion is beauty, and glamour but it’s also a revolution. Through Fashion 101, Sandra has proven that she wants to lead that revolution and make a bold African statement”.

Fashion 101 is co-produced for television by Anita Erskine’s Reverbgh & Brand Woman – a TV content development organization and Sandra Ankobiah’s Emerald Paradise Productions.




Best described as a modern African young entrepreneur, Sandra Ankobiah is a former beauty queen who has evolved into a fashion advocate of our time. She’s created Fashion 101 at a time when Fashion Weeks are becoming a place of discovery of fresh talent, and at a time when Africans are making bold statements with their sense of style.

Sandra is currently a Law Student at the Ghana School of Law in Accra.


West Africa is fast becoming the fashion hub of the continent, with more fashion designers soaking in the boldness and grandeur of West African culture and traditions, which are gradually being translated into modern African Fashion Design.

Identifying the emergence of their new and growing grasp of Haute Couture, has resulted in the rebirth of Sandra Ankobiah’s Fashion 101, which, in its new Season, embraces the new Pan African Fashion era.

On Season II of Fashion 101, Sandra has developed a platform where fashion related topics and issues can be discussed amongst her panel in the most open, no holds barred fashion. This is intriguingly followed by open and often candid conversation with African celebrities with a unique fashion sense!

Some of Sandra’s guests on Season Two will include Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson, Yvonne Okoro and Becca and Prince Osei and John Dumelo among a host of other African celebrities.


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