Den Tinz Some Episode 4 Article
Den Tinz Some Episode 4 Article

Den Tinz Some Talk Show Episode 4 which aired 26th Sept, 2020 was massive. Four intense and crazy topics were discussed by the cast members which had viewers thinking back at their experience when it comes to these topics. The Topics that were discussed were Virginity, First Date Advice, Pornography and Sextape. In Episode 4 the cast members had a lot of crazy things to say which were also accompanied by cartoon illustration and montages so that any one watching would have a clear understanding.

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The Episode also featured Zionfelix on a segment called “A Night To Remember” where he spoke about that one night where he had a bad experience and can never forget.

The producers of the show promise an even more exciting episode next week and encourage viewers to tune in to Tv Africa Saturdays at 10 am. Episode 5 has three topics, Cheating, Money and Gossip. The cast members are paired up (Male and Female), so each can express and defend themselves on these topics. Den Tinz Some Talk Show has grown big and popular over the past weeks, stay tuned so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

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