2MG Music publicist and disc jockey, Dj Quest is out with another mind-boggling non-stop mixtape he captions “New Year Mix 2018” to commence the year 2018 and also cheer up his day as he celebrates his 27th Birthday.

“New Year Mix 2018” designates an extra incredible gifted side of DJ Quest who energetically compiled a vast amount of home and global hits into making one stupendous salmagundi of a masterpiece that is tested to stand the trial of time and get music beaus enliven once more.

Any artist that finds his song on his mixes must be a pick out of the lots since his mixes are always flooding the street, pubs, vehicles and more.

For about one hour and some minutes, you will rock some of the biggest afrobeat oriented tunes brewed worldwide from both indies and mainstream.
He entreats the music fanatics to enjoy his new mix whilst he erupts with his College Tour 2018.
Artwork by HomeBase Graffix @HbzGraffix (Twitter|Instagram)