All people every where and anywhere all over the world are entitled to their singular or personal opinions, once they do not infringe on another persons’ Rights.
Some times we do criticise people for no apparent reason than hatred, jealousy and also because of one selfish desire or the other. On the contrary, criticisms is suppose to help coax out the best in a person. I wonder why some people are criticizing and condemning the famous Gospel musician Bro.Sammy for sharing his opinions of which he is freely entitled to. For all you know all this people who are pointing fingers at him are in one way or the other condemning their own selves. Bro.Sammy like all other moral Christians will never advocate for anything evil like bribery . When he was asked on his stance on Gospel musicians who pay bribe in order to win awards like the VGMA, he never focus his reactions on the act of bribery of which we all know is morally and legally unacceptable in the society . And this is where I guess people are failing to get it right , but let’s remember that looking at it from only one angle will only make us myopic.

Bro.sammy rather focused his attention on the ‘end’ of the act which will go a long way to preach what is sacred . He started clearly that even though he isn’t a witness to any bribery incidence in the music sector, yet should it even happen that a Gospel musician is paying bribe to win an award which eventually will lead to the propagation of the gospel , he doesn’t see anything too grievous an offence with that. For him what is important here isn’t the award that will be won but rather selling the good news and morality which is imbedded in the gospel songs ahead of the secular songs which is gaining a lot of attention today in our world. Is he far from the truth ?

He by so doing never meant evil as some people might have misunderstood his statements, and trying to condemn him in return.
Bro. Sammy is a religious man , moralist and ethically cultured.

Stop the condemnation ,for all you know by condemning him you end up condemning your very own selves.
I by saying this do not intend to justify or condemn anybody but rather I intend to look at this issue from a broader perspective. It pays to be optimistic.