Koo Ntakra 4
Koo Ntakra 4 


Music is meant to unite and not to create divisions and enmity among others, who is saying this?

The Akuapem rap proponent Isaac Akuffo popularly known as Koo Ntakra in the music scenery has vividly expressed his dissatisfaction with the organizers of the Eastern Music Awards.

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The tension and the already ‘non-existing’ ties among the artistes in the eastern region was rekindled all in the name of this purported Eastern Music Awards through their vague voting system which sparked a whole lot of confusion among fans and followers of the maiden awards. Many have raised eyebrows about the system of voting for the awards ever since it was opened to the public, and Koo Ntakra one of the leading nominees is of no exception.

No wonder they say “Ghanaians are so concerned about diplomas and awards”. Competition has shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further but cooperation which is the thing we must strive for today begins where competition leaves off thus an admonishment to others to work towards their goals and their talent rather than striving for accolades as they say competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.

Therefore the ultimate priority of his career is to impact lives through the stories of life he tells with his music and to get his fans thrilled with good music and in return get himself some bucks and that is “showbiz” not some mere incredible laurels intended to break alliance, the King of Kofcity as he has become known by many took to his facebook page to pour out his dissatisfaction and advised the organizers of the award scheme to not use their award to break relationships of the artists in the region which already they are trying hard to cooperate among themselves.