Dr Paa Bobo - Osobrokyie

Highlife meets Hiplife. Most youth do not know much about the genesis of Highlife and its good old days. Highlife living legend, Paa Bobo is said to have rocked stages back in the days (’70s & ’80s).  His numerous classics include Osobrokyee, Ehye Wo Bo, and Enye M’ania.

In the last, 2010 he started opening up give a warm embrace to Hiplife and supported it fusion with HipLife. He released a  mixtape, titled The Greatest Mix of Dr. Paa Bobo  which comprised of  some of his hit songs with a modern touch and new arrangements.

The legend is back again with another Highlife tune to prove that good Highlife never die. The song “Osobrokyie” has been given a modern touch by Kaywa featuring E-Nice formerly of Echo fame.

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