Taking a break from our usual activities to come back later always creates some excitement.
Now imagine a musician taking a short break to venture into other activities while nursing some music in his subconscious mind. What do you think will come out of such?
After producing and releasing ‘Books and Rhymes’ in the not so distant past, Edem veered off into other ventures, including the introduction of his annual ‘Edemfest’ in Ghana.
Now done, Edem has is attention to the music, adding up to the excitement in the release of the upcoming single “Mighty Jesus”.
Off his forth coming upcoming album “The African Answer”, “Mighty Jesus” produced by Coptic, features E.L, Jayso and has an incredibly exciting sound for this moment in time.
Edem has a song titled “Mighty Jesus”? Has he gone Gospel? Will it be Hip-Hop?
Well, let’s keep the excitement and wait for December 8, 2017 for both the audio and video release.