For the fans of self-acclaimed ‘Hip-hop Alhaji’, the much-anticipated music video for FaReed’s latest hit song titled “Baban Yaro” is finally ready and it’s being served on a hot plate.
The music video, which has been one of the last things fans were expecting from FaReed to end the year 2017, arrived at the right time.
Directed by Jeneral Jay, the same director for his classic videos “Hip-hop Alhaji”, “Zaafi” and “Goga”, this video focuses more on FaReed’s lyrical prowess.
In the Hausa Hip-hop themed video, FaReed brags like no other on the streets whiles his buddies stand by his side.
“Baban Yaro” music video features cameo appearances from producer Peewezel and rapper M3dal.