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Advocacy for women into power has launched an official project called Women Lead to support all women who are contesting in 2020 general election in Ghana. The official Virtual launched of the project had guest speakers like Oheneyere Gifti Anti, Kozie Akosua Manu, Abena Dugan, Eno Barony, Maame Ama Pratt, her Royal Highness Naa Klokai Densua IV.

Women Lead is meant to advocate for high level of women inclusion in government. It calls on all women groups, associations, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals in their capacity to support women in this crucial time.

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The virtual launched witnessed women coming together irrespective of their political colors having great conversation on how in each capacity will be able to help support women to be at the top.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti during her speech indicated that she will forever stand for women, give every audience to women, and continue to highly advocate that women voice will be held at all levels in Ghana. “I have always supported women and I will forever support women” again she remarked that “On the ballot sheet wherever you see a woman vote for her”.

Abena Dugan who is the vice chairperson for commonwealth Youth council indicated that at the global level her office highly ensures women are participating in any initiative. She also remarked that “women are not their own enemies and it is very important we all support women at all levels.

Mrs. Kozie who is deputy NYA CEO also commended the AFWIP for such a good job and coming out in times like this to support women. She noted that women just like any other person will encounter challenges and negative feedbacks as they grow up on the leadership ladder but that does not mean they should give up. She encountered the same in her life just like any other person. She also indicated that National Youth Authority is much particular about inclusion and will continue to ensure women are participating.

Eno Barony used this as an opportunity to encourage all young women to focus on building their dreams rather than living on the notion that women are for just cooking. “We need to fight forward to archive whatever we want she remarked.’

AFWIP through their PRO has indicated that nationwide campaign on Women will commence as soon as possible, media tour and active online promotion will be embarked to ensure that women get what they deserve. Again more funding opportunities will be available for young women in entrepreneurship across the country.