In March 2004, a bunch of students had experienced every event there was to be experienced during REPU and craved for something new. They wanted an experience that lived beyond the borders of the school and could draw in more than 5,000 students to have mindless fun while living every second of their time there. And from this session came, EPILOGO. An epic night of good music, great company and free drinks that have come to define the fun, dance, reunion and finding of self at REPU.


Check Out : Yaa Pono – Street Boy (Prod. By Jay Twist)


The dream has finally grown and taken on a new life of its own. It has evolved with EchoHouse in the past 6 years and become the all-shorts event that attracts students from across the country, old students as well as party lovers who miss no opportunity to have a great time. EPILOGO has become a rite of passage for students and one of the few events that every tertiary student attend at least once in their lifetime.

If you want to understand and know what students in Ghana do with their ‘Mardi Gras’, EPILOGO is the place to be. With assortments of drinks, DJ cast who know and understand their music as well as a crowd that never grows tired of the experience, you are in good company and you don’t want to miss out. Next Thursday, 23rd March, another history gets made and you cannot afford to miss out.