The perfect love story – The son of a legend, Cabum da Chedeshi and Africa’s Next Biggest Legend in the making, eShun stir up all kinds of emotions as they say those sweet three words “I love you” in public and don’t even care who’s listening!
Would you be disappointed if we told you it’s a song we’ve been talking about all along? If you would, then you either haven’t heard it or you have fallen in love with the song so much you wish the fantasy is actually a reality.
Unsung Artiste of the Year nominee at the VGMAs, eShun and rapper Cabum team up perfectly to create arguably the most beautiful love song of all – Simple As ABC.
The world may have a secret laboratory for creating music and eShun may have found it! It’s not just the lovely lyrics, the funky grove, the indigenous rhythm and the originality, but that funny feeling that the world may have a secret laboratory for creating music.
eShun’s latest single is a classic in the truest sense of the word and is proof that music is a living organism. It’s a combination of the perfect fusion of several opposites, combining music’s art of songwriting and the science of beat making.
There is a blend of urban substance and indigenous culture embedded within the rhythm, clarity in diction and message. The song composed by Senyo and eShun in English interspersed with few lines of Ga and Ewe with Cabum hitting the perfect rap verse to complement the song in Twi.
And why does it feel Afropop, indigenous, Highlife, Hiplife and R&B at the same time? Because technically it is. One of the most difficult rabbit in the hat moves, for most artistes in the industry but eShun. It’s easy to sing, seduces you to the dancefloor and appeals to all backgrounds and divisions of the music world. This is what makes it even the more remarkable!
And if you want to learn to sing it, it’s as simple as ABC… I LOVE YOU. And yes, we love it because it brings out the love in all of us, hypnotizing us to love everything around us. First, we love the song, then we love our spouse all over again, then we love our soulmates, then malaria… Well, probably not.
If you haven’t heard it yet, download eShun’s latest single ‘Simple As ABC’ and fall in love too. Have you watched the Video though?

Written by Rick I. Kotey