Introduction: The perception of gospel music being exclusive to just a certain ‘church-people’ is gradually getting displaced by some artistes.

Former member of music duo Dobble, Ennwai, has released a song that praises God. It is a beautiful song you would love to listen to.

Instrumentation: The song, titled ‘Halle Halle’ is in a highlife vein and is sung in Key B Flat Major. The sound quality is good. The production was done by, Itz CJ, one of the fastest growing music producers in Ghana.

Song arrangement and style: ‘Halle Halle’ starts with an intro that has strings and some piano works. He comes in to sing in Pidgin English and Twi telling how God has changed him from bad to good. After that, comes the chorus again. There is an interlude before the second verse. Another chorus comes and them the songs slips into instrumentation till fade.

He also employs rhymes so much in his verses; the type of rhyme that is typical of rap.

Vocals: Ennwai sings in his usual ‘Dobble’ style. He may not be counted among the top vocalists in Ghana but he did justice to the song with his vocal ability. The harmonies also come out well and make the song so soothing to the ears.

Content: He talks about God taking him from the slums and making him better than before. He says because of God’s goodness, he will sing ‘Hallelujah’ to his name. It has a chorus that can easily be sung along; that is the trick to having a hit song. Simple and catchy choruses travel faster.

Morale: The song affirms the beliefs of the religious person. It tells one to be thankful to their God for they good they have done for them. In Christianity that is one of the main purposes of worship. It is believed that adoring and thanking God makes Him open more doors of blessings for you.

Is ‘Halle Halle’ a gospel song?: What is gospel or not has over the years been limited to whether or not a particular song can be performed at church or has been composed by a ‘church-person.’

‘Halle Halle’ is a real gospel song that is done in a style that is more marketable to the contemporary gospel lover.

It may not be performed in church because of the Ghanaian hypocrisy but I have always said, what a song is, made up of is more important than what it is called.

Conclusion: I rate ‘Halle Halle’ song 76%.

Author: Kwame Dadzie