Accra Finalist Conference

There are whole lots of graduates but there are few employable graduates.  Most times tertiary school graduates are made to figure out what life holds for them without a clue of how to handle the great challenge that the job market throws at them.  No matter how academically smart a graduating student is, he/ she would have issues with transiting successfully from the learning stage to the earning stage of life if he/she does not practically understand how to handle the challenges of employ-ability and entrepreneurship and the is what ACCRA FINALISTS’ CONFERENCE  is all about.

We believe once you get the student – income earner transition right, your career is set on the right pedestal for the future. So, we seek to inform, motivate, educate, and inspire the delegates to this conference towards behavioral modification to achieve the right mindset and soft skill set for a successful job – hunt or enterprise – commencement. Below are TEN (10) Reasons why you should attend ACCRA FINALIST CONFERENCE 2015.

1. You will experience a practical session with one of Ghana’s foremost HR Practitioners! (She’s so good at what she does, you’ll be shocked at how, much you will learn in the short time you will with her).

2. You will learn the insane job search secrets that 95% of job seekers never get to know.

3. You could leave this conference with a job! (HR Scouts of Ghanaian companies will be around to spy and recruit… don’t tell them I leaked this!)

4. You will be taught practically the correct way to craft your first CV.

5. Your conference pack comes with 2 books and T-shirt (total value of GHC75… yeah, that’s already more than the GHC50 conference registration fee).

6. Attend a practical session on “how to nail” job interviews each end every time.

7. A 3 course finalist dinner with a lots of razzle, dazzle, colors, music and comedy.

8. You could win a one year job search scholarship from Africa’s No.1 job search portal- (other prizes to be won also).

9. An entrepreneur session with the CEO of one of Nigerians most prominent oil servicing startups (He started his company about three years ago and is now worth millions of dollars).

10. Accra Finalist Conference is a one of its kind event that will definitely transform you from a learner to an earner. After this conference, you will definitely “Step out and Step up” seamlessly.