Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA)  formerly called Ghana Music Awards(GMA) organised by Charterhouse has been one of the much-anticipated annual musical seasons in the music industry in Ghana. This award scheme is jeered towards rewarding dominantly Ghanaian music acts ,producers, songwriters and video directors who have really buckled down and worked intensively within that musical year, bringing honour to themselves and the nationwide.

Over the years, dacehall and reggae music  were poorly rated and less appreciated in the industry and had no categories within the award scheme of Charterhouse’s Ghana Music Awards while much attention was paid to other genres. To the surprise of all, these same music genres; dancehall and reggae, which were frowned on have abruptly become incredibly popular and the most trending style of music in the country now, pulling a whole lot of music fans and lovers.

Shatta Wale – Dancehall King (Official Video)
Every Tom, Dick and Harry who was passionate about dancehall and reggae music became ecstatically elated when finally two categories that were; Reggae/Dancehall artiste of the year, and Reggae/Dancehall song of the year were created within the awards scheme of the Ghana Music Awards to appreciate and reward reggae and dancehall acts in the industry.
Within the previous years ,and currently, there have been controversies as to which artistes do not measure up to be nominated ,and on what basis and criteria are the qualified ones nominated as well as which reggae and dancehall songs capacitate to fit in those categories.

From what I have noticed and enquired from other critics,”Its coming like” these music pundits who are brought on board to nominate songs for the reggae and dancehall category have no insight or are not enlightened on what a real reggae or dancehall “chune” is, and I don’t comprehend either it is ignorance or these are done on intentional thoughts.
“Are these pundits as well as Charterhouse trying to pull the wool over our eyes?, or perhaps taking us for a ride?.
How on earth!, can “hip-life branded songs” be nominated and categorised as reggae and dancehall songs. Concerned dancehall artistes and fans who are not able to hold this misappropriation keep on recapitulating these errors but adamantly, the same errors which are hammered on repeat.

Personally, I don’t think it will sound right in any prudent individual’s ears when a hip-pop song is being nominated as a best reggae song for “BASS AWARD”, the only award scheme that is set to “big up” reggae and dancehall artistes, songwriters and producers in Ghana. So then, why do we tolerate this “f**kery” when the reverse is done for VGMA?.
I am wholly convinced that, the public is just being exploited with their votes and supports for their favourite artistes with less knowledge that, the award scheme is a conspired one, while some dancehall artistes are equally being beguiled with the empty beauty of the awards.
Again, I am not much dumbfounded to hear some of the reggae/dancehall acts taking the giant step ,opting out of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.What is the essence of wasting time ,money and resources on a conspired award scheme. Some of the artistes including “Dancehall Queen” Ak Songstress made it publicised,while others redrew nichodamously. Charterhouse is gradually quenching the fire reggae and dancehall are blazing.

VIDEO AK Songstress Performance at SaminiFest 2014
My avowed intent is that; Charterhouse should do their best possible to bring on board pundits who are experts in nominating the real reggae and dancehall songs. Also,the reggae category should be splitted from the dancehall category because they are both different musical genres.
“Dancehall is not reggae,and vice versa”, other than that, the reggae/dancehall song of the year category and reggae/dancehall artiste of the year category should be scrapped for BASS AWARDS with the supports from real dancehall fans to decide who the DANCEHALL KING and the DANCEHALL QUEEN is in Ghana.

By: Jullie Jay-Kanz