Anajo Black
Anajo Black

Anajo Black is a young Ghanaian artiste hailing from Fadaama in the Greater-Accra region. Anajo has been in the Ghanaian Music industry working behind the scenes honing his creative skills till he was recently signed to MixDOWN Studios as a recording artiste.

Anajo’s songs are melodious, thoughtful and sentimental.
His song compositions are amazing and have a down-to-earth storyline and relation to our daily lives. With daring topics ranging from Love to Education to human rights Anajo Black is set to bring along a fresh wave of Ghanaian creativity.

In today’s Afro-pop/Afro-beat pandemic there’s a drought for music that reaches for more than just immediate gratification. Music is slowly losing its meaning and purpose and Anajo Black is clearly here to remind us all….why music is life.

He has a soulful and rich texture to his voice; Not well refined and smooth but rough and touching. Even though he doesn’t want to be categorized into any particular genre, when push comes to shove Anajo Black sways more into the direction of jazz, soul and afro-soul  and other contemporary genres.

His lyrics are well thought out and positive. He writes with a strong passion and his songs are very refreshing. His music is not only entertaining it is also discerning. He hopes to bring back meaning to music created in the Ghanaian music industry.

This is his first official release titles “Your Love”. It’s a fast paced and dance oriented tune. A confession of love for his sweetheart telling a story we have all had to deal with somewhere along the road.

Listen to “Your Love” at This March 2013 when it is officially released. Video production is currently on-going for the song so fans can watch out for that as well.

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