Chris Brown Live In Gh The trend of unfairness and disrespect to our local artistes continuous as another international artiste is coming down to drain the little that we have.

News of multi award winning American superstar Chris Brown, rocking the capital of Ghana, Accra on the March 5 was welcomed by the music industry’s stakeholders as it will uplift the image of Ghana’s entertainment.

Ohene Djan Stadium will be filled to brim for the Hope City Concert on the night for sure. Ghana wants to see some crazy dance moves. But this comes with a big question mark.

Revelation coming out now indicates, Ghana’s No.1 ICT company, RLG paid the Grammy award winner, over $1million for him to perform in Ghana.

One would ask why you should pay such an amount to someone who is already on an African Tour. Chris Brown will certainly live Africa as a one of the world’s richest.

He has already been to South Africa, Angola and Nigeria with Ghana been the next stop.

Investigations revealed Chris Breezy does not take ‘coins’. Nothing below a million dollars is expected in his accounts from event organisers.

How much is been paid to our local artiste? What the difference? Should this always be the case? In a country where foreigners runs most on the companies it now been doomed with foreign artistes draining the little we have.

Having Chris Breezy in Ghana is not a bad idea but paying $1million which could have been used for other developmental projects is questionable.

Siding with me on this issue, is the Grandpapa of Ghanaian comedy Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) who described it as a waste of money on twitter.

Wished they had invested money in developing local talent: But, it’s THEIR MONEY and they are free to decide how to waste it”

Is the amount paid to R2Bees, D-Black and Sherrifa Gunu to be on the bill anywhere any a $1million? March 5 will tell if Chris Breezy was worth such an amount.

Is the amount paid to r2Bees, D-Black and Sherrifa Gunu to be on the bill

Until tthy kingdom, Ghanaian talents will have to keep dreaming of receiving such amount.

Hmmmm. Ghana. Nsem piii.