Manye Fi Bun Dem
Manye Fi Bun Dem

UK-born Ghanaian Artist Manye Fi is out with her debut Afrobeats single titled Bun Dem. According, according to Manye Fi, Bun Dem is an anthem for the youth. “It is intended to energize them (the youth) to brave the odds and rise above the noise to fulfil their potential,” she shared.

Real name Fiona Cheryl Quartey, Manye Fi (Manye meaning Queen in the Ga-Adangbe language) is an 18 year old British-Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and producer currently blazing the trails with her music. She is also a TikTok sensation with over 7 million views on one of her videos.

Manye Fi (pronounced Ma•nyeh Fee) was born in London. She is a sister to two younger brothers, Ryan and Dylan, and was raised by her parents, Erasmus and Mary-Gloria.
Manye Fi’s interest in music developed after her family was relocated to Germany as her dad served in the British army. At the age of 4, she began ballet lessons, which were later replaced with music. She got the chance to attend the Gütersloh Music Centre, where she learnt to play the violin and practise in the school band. Later on, she was able to transfer her skills from the violin to become a self-taught pianist at age 8. Around the same time, she discovered her talent of singing, which ended up becoming a big interest of hers. Thus, she decided to join the school choir. Some of her recent achievements were gaining 6.8 million views for a cover on “Rather go blind” by Etta James and performing for HRH Prince William during his visit to Hamilton College in Leicester.

Her new single Bun Dem has received rave reviews from fellow artists, promoters, on-air personalities, and other stakeholders in Ghana, UK, and the US.

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