A Kid was asked by his teacher who he wanted to be when he grows up and the Kids response was “A CRIMINAL”

Growing up all we wanted to do was to make money and everything that influenced that up bringing was influenced by the things that was connected to the making of money.

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Living in the village the ambition and advice was go to school and leave the village for the big city in other words Accra and eventually end up Overseas since the only people the village folks respected was Pimpines Bogers from Germany.
The Respect also given to bank managers from the village was enviable and all these were influenced by the monies they flaunted.

One advise was that the only way to riches was through education. I was therefore shocked when I grew up and realised that most of the very rich people in the world were non graduates and useless footballers like the old folks use to say.
Football and other professions were for useless people and Bank managers were the Dream career every parent wished for his child.

Money is difficult to come by and very hard to spend especially when you have no idea where your next meal is coming from.

We indeed Glorify Money and as long as one has money nobody really cares how that money was made, we therefore end up having illegal drugs dealers becoming church elders and Decons just because they have money and we throw away morals to the dogs.

The work a bank does is to keep people’s monies for them and so those monies do not belong to them. They are caretakers of those monies so how can one classify a bank manager as a rich man. How can you be called a rich man for keeping peoples monies for them.
Their income comes from the interests that comes from the loans they give out and other charges for keeping peoples monies.
I therefore get very concerned when I see them putting up huge buildings and buying luxurious cars for their workers with people’s monies.
All these extravaganza is as a result of the way society glorifies money and not Achievements.
In other countries a rich car manufacturer Boss will use one of the cheapest cars from his company and keep his monies safe in a bank but a Ghanaman worker in the same company will use his life savings to buy the most expensive car in that company and go hungry so that when he comes back home he can be called a rich man.

In other countries when someone enters the system and start throwing money about the first thing that happens is the security agencies will start investigating him to know the source of his income and certify it’s legitimacy but in GH the same person will never be investigated but rather have everyone singing his praise and everyone going to him to get some of that money if possible. Nobody cares to know how he or she came about the monies being thrown about. The worse part is when those who are suppose to investigate them are bought and you know how a bought mind is a Useless mind.

Criminals living luxurious lives become role models and Professors and Doctorate Degree holders living modest lives become laughing stock.

Like I said money is difficult to come by and if it’s yours you won’t throw it away anyhow but if it’s people’s monies why not, you will fly them about so you can be tagged as a rich man.

Let’s learn to Glorify achievers and stop worshipping money so our kids can have good role models.

Peoples Monies is not Your Monies.