Sometimes as a musician, especially a rapper, you need to have this confidence in you that, you are better rapper than the rest and that’s the kind of feeling Phoenix Records label act Richy Rymz has in him

Richy Rymz after collaborating with AMG rapper Medikal on the Hip Hop banger titled “NO BE MY FACE” has been consistent by giving us more entertaining songs, and hours ago on an Accra based media platform, the “KOTY” rapper says Medikal is a witness to the fact that he raps better than him.

According to him, they are both brothers way back even before Medikal got in the limelight and ever since he got there, he (Medikal) has done his best by helping him and other musicians he started with, by giving him especially, connects and advice that will help him reach the mass audience.

I’m not hating on Medikal, we are brothers. Even before he got here, both of us have a lot of experience that we will share with the world one day. He is one of the best rappers I have always listened to but when we meet in our comfort zones, I murder every beat with poisonous lyrics that sometimes, he thinks I rap even better than him. But regardless, that hasn’t stopped Medikal from associating himself with me because after releasing my song with him, he gave me some connects and advice to push the song which helped and that shows he is still that brother I knew way back. I mean he hasn’t changed he is still a real brother and I’m so grateful for having someone like this In the game. Richy Rymz stated

Asked if he will ever compete with Medikal one on one, Richy Rymz said yes but Medikal won’t.

Yes I am ready to lyrically battle Medikal. Where I come from, I mean where me and him come from. Sowutuom, freestyle is like our everyday food so we are both soaked into that realm by which we don’t mind spitting at each other’s face but trust me, Medikal won’t face me. This wouldnt be the first time we are publicly battling because I remember months ago, me and Medikal battled at 3FM with Ex Doe and Scanty as the judge and i “murdered” him so if i were him, i wont come back for another battle. Richy Rymz added

Talking about himself, Richy Rymz says he is preparing to release more songs ahead of the holidays awaiting us. He tipped us on some collaborations he has done with other musicians including the “Sponsor” hitmaker Ebony.

Richy Rymz recently released the visuals for his single titled “Everything Gye” which is currently hot on the airwaves.

Let us serve you with the link to watch below…