Denis A’., a Ghanaian revered preacher and motivational writer debuts the music scenes with an ignite motivational single, I WON’T GIVE UP

The song which features Roo Dube, and can be said to be one of the very few well decorated motivational songs under the calendar year of review, admonishes individuals never to give up even in the most debilitating debacles.

In a media interview, the artiste, Denis Anane, Known popularly as Denis A’, explained his motivation for putting together this amazing piece.

“In 2021, while in Jamaica, I had a dream about this awesome song ’I won’t give up, a song dedicated to everyone who believes in the power of their dreams. I had wanted to bring something inspirational that makes people never give up and this song came to mind”, he explained.

Soothingly, the song, I won’t give up gave perfection its curtsy by tasking highly trained professionals giving it a unique feel and distinctive storyline to vibe.

With his background as an author with three books to his credit, Denis A’ believes in individual progress, hence, he gifts these soul touching words weaved into music to any individual who seeks genuine motivation to climb up the success ladder.

Denis A’ also has a passion for the less privileged in our society. He has interacted with many people with disabilities in Ghana and all over the world and he is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

I won’t give up is currently out on all digital stores, have a listen!