Who can blame Ennwai, when Eno is one female rapper with that eight-figure feature.

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In a recent interview with Ennwai of dobble fame, the #Ob3Taazin singer talked about why he enjoys hanging out with Eno these days.

Tho Ennwai didn’t confess or approve of the alleged dating rumor between him and her, he said Eno’s hips and lips attracts him more.

I mean sometimes when driving with her in town people look at us like me and her are dating but truth is, I simply love to hang out with Eno. Her hips is something else and lips, when we on set, gives me another feeling… Ennwai stated

Asked if he (Ennwai) and her (Eno) are dating, he said….

The truth will be out soon but for now I don’t want to loose that relationship between us.

Ennwai is currently promoting his collaboration with Eno. The love song titled #Totals gives a lot of answers to some of the questions they don’t want us to attack.

Watch them in the video from below…


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81TYw4sCh74?feature=player_detailpage]