You’ve seen the posters, heard of its legend, witnessed the hype and anticipated all year round but you’ve never heard about the 7 moods that await you this. With a 6-year-old history to pick from, the stories are truer than fiction and the excitement, stuff of crazy summers elsewhere. Anyways, let’s not move away from the moods or the 7 wonders. Let’s take a tour;

Check out : Mayorkun – Mama (Prod By Kiddominant)

Good Vibes: Well, at Tidal Rave, we don’t believe in being laid back, pulling away from the crowd and having a party of one. It’s about the moments with friends that support when there’s nothing to fall back on and the memories that you can look on as a part of the good old days. This year we have mood activator and its no hype. Just come through and chill.
Limitless Fun: In the 7th year of Tidal Rave, we’re taking the fun and games to a notch higher than anything you’ve seen or witnessed. For the adventure junkies, there will be more fun going around, for the footballers, the fun goes beyond passes and the rest of the crew, don’t worry, we’ve gotcha. It’s a promise!



Juicy Jam: Knowing that no good jam happens without dope music and no dope music plays without a good Captain on duty, the cast of performers ranging from DJs to artistes to MCs come to dazzle and ensure the dancefloor is never dull. If you haven’t been before, ask around. Our track record can speak for itself.


Groovy Waves: Is excitement what you are asking for? Come on, its Tidal Rave, it doesn’t just come raw. It comes in a fashionable nature. It is custom made to tickle every single fantasy of yours. Dream it, we can make it happen.


Positive Energy: At Tidal Rave, the phrases are discovery and exploration. We intend to create an experience you’ve never witnessed with ‘OUR EST’ and hope you also #BRINGOutUREST. Remember, it’s all about wild energy, loud music and fire moments.


Pure Pleasure: If one thing has been clear about the last 6 years, it has been the fact that Tidal Rave exists to offer unaltered fun. What has been your jam, the bonfire follow-the-leader jam, artiste performances, road trip or road kill or maybe it’s the entire package, well you’re in great company. We’ve got you covered this year too.


Funky Flex: This July, promise you will make Tidal Rave about you and stunt on us as you jam and make new friends and reconnect with the old squad. Simply put, come live your best life.


For the first-time raver, welcome to the good life, the loyal raver, this experience promises to be everything you’ve been asking for and wanted to be a part of for months now. Come through and not only chill but make any of these 7 moods your vibe as we surf and bump to the beats this July. See you around!