As the music turf gets tougher, new music brands find novel ways of cementing their Fareed Hiphop Alhaji stay in the music industry and that is exactly what new music act Fareed is about unleashing onto the music scene.

The Hiphop Alhaji, as he is affectionately called, represents a music brand that bridges different genres in depicting the Alhaji persona. Alhaji, he explains, means greatness and that means he is a great music artiste. His new hip hop banger which will be released on Saturday, 3rd September, 2016 is also titled Hip Hop Alhaji.

“Hip Hop Alhaji is a hip song to announce my presence and tell people about me and what my brand is all about,” Fareed told Flex newspaper. Fareed is not limited to a particular genre of music. He raps and sings as well. His songs are in Hausa, Twi, English and Pidgin English. Hip Hop Alhaji features another great singer called Brenya and was produced by Pee Weezel.

Fareed started music when he was at senior high school at T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School where he released his mix tape in 2012. He also won the Best Hip Hop Artiste award in the Ghana High School Entertainment Award in 2012. Fareed is under Kassim Bamba’s Bamba Records with Kwasi Amoako as head of management. He also looks forwards to doing collaborations with artistes like Edem, Sherifa Gunu and his upcoming album is produced by music producers like Oteng, Hammar and Mix Masta Garzy.

According to his manager Kwasi Amoako, Ghanaians are yet to have a feel of mature music from Fareed and should brace themselves up for this amazing talent.

“With Fareed, he cares about what goes into the making of the song in terms of lyrical content, not just about beats that will be extinct in no time. So Ghanaians should be ready to have quality music,” he said. Keep your eyes on Fareed’s social media handles as he releases Hip Hop Alhaji on 3rd September, 2016. Twitter: fareedgh, Facebook: Fareed /, Fareed Hip Hop Alhaji and Fareedgh1 on Instagram.

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