Joe Wizzy - Whats Ma Name (feat Dobble) (Prod by E.L) ( For a person to admit being a wizard in Ghana or Africa appears to be an occurrence not only uncommon, but also highly dreadful.

Why? Because of the instant terror and trepidation that wizardry normally emits down the spine of people – which, clearly, makes wizard creatures not to meddle with at all!

Fascinatingly, however, Hip life artiste Joe Wizzy remains one man who is neither terrified of, nor afraid to be associated with wizardry. In fact, he sees himself as one and gleefully admits being a wizard.

”Yes, I am a wizard. And a good one at that,” he told the press in an exclusive interview recently, explaining that being a wizard only indicates how good he was a musician .

This, he added, accounted for why he changed his showbiz name from Joejo Abodweseh (which he used for his 11 tracks maiden album Judgement Day) to Wizzy – a corruption of the word ‘wizard.’

“Wizardry simply means having a great skill or cleverness in an activity and since I’m good in what I do – which is music – I see and call myself the wizard or Joe Wizzy,” he said.       Joe Wizzy - Enko Din (feat Atumpan) (Prod by Ogee Beatz) (

The Organizer of the Greater Accra chapter of the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) announced that he would release his latest album, titled SIN (Strength In Numbers), early next year.

But before that, he has been promoting singles on the soon-coming album, starting with the Afro beat song Enko Din which featured Hip life musician Atumpan of The-Thing fame.

“My election as the Greater Accra Musiga organizer took me off the scene for some time,” he explained, revealing that he was currently promoting his second single on the album, titled Its your Birthday.

The Birthday party song, which features the popular malty award winning Ga rapper Tinny and the well-known Ghanaian R&B singer Ded Buddy, was produced by Richie, of Lynx Entertainment fame, “I dropped this song recently and the intention is to celebrate and appreciate our women,” he said.

The third single, he announced, would also be released later in the year produced by EL, “and it is called what’s My Name? and features Dobble of Ee-Manna fame.     Joe Wizzy - Its Your Birthday (feat Tinny & Ded Buddy) (Prod by Richie) (

“That is one focus emphasized by the album titled Strength in Numbers. Which means I will be releasing quite a number of singles from now till the full album is launched,” he said, thanking his fans for their encouragement and support.

A trained Information Technology (IT) Networking Administrator, Joe Wizzy debuted unto the music scene in 2007, having received mentoring from Hammer (of The Last Two) since 2004.


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