A wicked and very refreshing Reggae pop track ( and its remix ) is about to hit the Gh music scene . The song is “Have Fun” , by the multiply-awarded best male vocal performer , Knii Lante . Set on the Love Quest Riddim produced by Kheil Stone Music , this song by Knii Lante is just massive.

At the first listening one can’t help but notice how Knii subtly promotes the sights and sounds of his mother country Ghana ?? ……. the mention of the beaches and river cruises in Big Ada ; and then in the second verse the reference to the Meridian ( hotel) in Accra-Tema which is located RIGHT AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH ! ( the intersection of the equator and the Greenwich meridian).

In this song also, there is a side of @Kniilante that is revealed – the bubbly and sun-filled part of the physician , as he sings and paints a most colourful picture of sunny beaches, bikini-clad ladies , speedboats , drinks and ….herbs !

???? ….. all on the canvas of Ghana .

Voiced in Ghana , the Afro-pop remix was produced by Genius Selection ( and contains samples from the original Love Quest Riddim ).

Undoubtedly , Knii Lante is raising the standards. Evidence of the smashing Gh singer Knii Lante revving things up for a most exciting 2018 is here. Share the love , share the experience..​

Have Fun (Reggae) [DOWNLOAD]

Have Fun (Afro Pop Version) [DOWNLOAD]


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