After a most stressful 2018 in which Knii Lante ( aka K.L.M. ) lost his close friend, ally and road manager Nana Turkson , Ghana’s sweet-voiced musician , physician , humanitarian and “#52 Ambulances”-song-maker brings us his first single for 2019 .
This reflective ballad with a mainly piano based accompaniment shines light on the perennial plight of the poor in developing countries who face flooding , drowning , loss of property and often death after sometimes relatively very minor rainfall. Under his management team of Deluge Entertainment and with the support of Rich & Rad this is a song sang in tribute to the flood victims in recent Accra floods and the victims of floods everywhere especially in the motherland ( Africa ).

Says Knii ….” often when it begins to rain , that is the time when privileged families sleep the most in their cosy houses ; that is the time when lovers cuddle together in their warm beds ; we easily tend to forget that just across town is a different society with a different experience …. indeed that is the time when the masses of our people have to wake and stand up in corners , bail out flood waters entering their rooms , and deal with lost property and lives …. sad . It is time we improve housing and town planning , sanitation , waste and plastic disposal , etc etc … “
“Really , a change in approach must start now with us the people and with government “.
Let’s listen , share this song and help make that change . We can’t afford to lose more lives !

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Knii Lante – When E Rain [DOWNLOAD]


#Wenerain #Whenitrains

Credits : Song written by Knii Lante / K.L.M
Vocals : Knii Lante
Musicians : Joe Amoah , Knii Lante/ K.L.M. , Eric Antonio.
Produced by Knii and Joe , Springboard music studios.

Project Coordinators : Patrick , the Deluge Entertainment fam , Rich and Rad.

Special thanks to : Kafui Dey , Delphina, Doreen Andoh , Synergy music , Monty Bryant, Mikie Bennet , Rommel Marshall, Dean, Genius Selection, and our families and fans .
Dedicated to flood victims everywhere .