Prince Amoah
Prince Amoah

VERY soon, Christians in Ghana and other parts of the world will celebrate Easter, which is the commemoration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. And in his bid to make the season more meaningful, Gospel musician Prince Amoah, to release a new single titled Asotwi Wuo next week tuesday April 16th .

According to Prince Amoah, the release of the song is strategic. “As Christians, we believe that the death of Christ is the reason we are saved today. It is because of the blood he shed on Calvary that when we sin we are forgiven so as Easter approaches, I just want to remind everyone that Christ died for our sins,” he told Showbiz.

Produced by Herbert Cassy, Asotwi Wuo, a three-minute track, is rendered in the Reggae vein with lovely arrangement and simple lyrics which Prince says is deliberate.
“We have found ourselves in an era where people do not have time to listen to lengthy lyrics that they will not be able to recollect. So my team and I decided to do something simple and easy that when people listen to, they can memorise.

“Of what use will it be if a song comes out, people listen and can’t remember a word in it? We considered all these things before putting the song together,” he said.

Prince Amoah, who has been doing music for the last six years, told Showbiz that though the journey has not been easy, he is sure that very soon he will make the impact he is seeking to make.
“It has not been easy but now I am signed on to a new label called 2 Face Production and I am optimistic that this time it will be well. The team is solid and are putting things in place,” he stated.

Prince, who resides in Israel and comes to Ghana once in a awhile, added that distance has also worked against him.
“Due to distance I am not able to push the songs I churn out or go for interviews as I should but all that will change. We are putting measures in place.”

He had a word for Christians for the Easter period. “Let us celebrate the death of Christ in truth and humility, Easter is a time where we go back to the cross and remember all that he had to go through so that you and I can have life; the debts he paid. Let us not take it for granted, for me it is more of a reconnection time so let’s take advantage of it.”

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