Krack Gyamfi - Abrokyire (Prod by Uche)

The song “Abrokyire” , which is another way of saying “Overseas” in Ghana, talks about how young guys feel disappointed when they are promised by parents and relatives to travel outside the country but circumstances makes it impossible. Krack Gyamfi combined stories from friends and added them to his little experience he had about the “Abrokyire” promises.

The concept of the song is basically about not depending on the “Abrokyire” promises but strive hard to do something with your life whiles you wait for the opportunity to fly out of the country one day. The hook has become an anthem already and its obvious lots of people will relate to the story. Watch video below, sing along and share!!

Krack Gyamfi – Abrokyire (Prod by Uche)

By: Komla Swat Brain Aborga/