Wanlov - Never Go Change (GhanaNdwom.com)

Have you downloaded Wanlov’s “Never Go Change”? Click this first [Download ] then let’s continue with the issue at hand. Politicians have always existed ever since Ghana had it’s independence and they will still be here all for the sake of democracy. Wanlov De Kublor uses his musical talent to express the need why we should not put out trust in them.
In his song “Never Go Change”, the lyrics which goes like this “dey no dey care about light off, dey get dema generators…dey no dey care if the road roff, dey get dema land cruisers…dey no dey care about traffic, dey get dema police escorts…dey no dey care about justice, dey get dema police and courts” talks about the suffering the average Ghanaian is going through while a hand full of others who have been voted into power use their position for their own personal gains.
In his self directed and shot video, it depicts a slow moving mentally insane man drawing closer to the camera. He doesn’t change his direction as he just passes by the camera. It has a deeper meaning and it’s for the matured mind to understand.
Ghanaians are facing terrible hardships as the economy is getting worse and worse each day with power outage (Dumsor) making it terrible to even earn a little something to survive on. He ends his song with a much harsh statement “so we for kill dem all chale, we for kill dem all…cut off dema heads and spill dema blood on the wall…we for kill dem all chale, we for kill dem all…cut off dema heads, and spill dema blood on the walls.”
In the end he ask “dey never go change oh, like u u go change?”