Lino Beezy Waves EP
Lino Beezy Waves EP


Ghanaian musician Lino Beezy has finally released his anticipated EP titled Waves.

The six-track EP features guest verses from Trigmatic, Tulenkey, Kweku Flick, G-west, Deon Boakye & Tyna.

According to Lino Beezy, he was inspired by his environment to create the EP.

“The aim of this project (Ep) is to give new feels and sounds about the brand Lino Beezy. Many listeners /fans know the brand Lino Beezy to be a rapper, but on this particular project, there has been a mix of genres and different sounds to let the listeners know the talent is not just limited to rap.”

The EP has production credits from Apya and Tubhani Musik. Apya produced the first five songs whiles Tubhani handled the last single.

The first song on the EP is Amponsah featuring G-west & Deon Boakye. “This song was recorded in early 2020. I already had my verse on the beat without a hook. I met G-west in the studio one time and played the song for him. He loved it and jumped on it. I later sent it to Deon Boakye who added a verse too,” he shared.

The second single – Take a Picture – is Lino Beezy’s favorite, and it was one of the shortest sessions he had recording this EP.

The third single – Let’s Drink – features Trigmatic, who honored the invitation of Lino to record a song together whiles being in Kumasi.

Lino Beezy Waves EP
Lino Beezy Waves EP

“The fourth song – Sugar Daddy – was also recorded in 2020. I featured the amazingly talented vocalist Tyna. I wrote the song one night with her and we recorded it the next day,” He shared about track 4.

Track 5 – Friday Night – features Tulenkey, and the final song Kudi features Kweku Flick.

Waves EP is a tape filled with many different sounds and flavors and one to stream.

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